Command I.T. ServicesĀ can perform a comprehensive ITĀ and Communications audit and health check on your network. The IT audit and health check provides you with the information you need to assess the state of your network. During the audit we perform a detailed investigation that allows us provide full network documentation and a list of recommendations. Click here for more information about what you get as part the IT audit and health check.

Do you really know how well your network is performing? Are your staff being hindered by the computing network?

With an IT audit and health check we will check:

  • Server and PC performance
  • Security software, antivirus and virus definitions
  • Data local and offsite backup
  • Email spam and email virus filtering
  • Internet security and web content filtering
  • Windows updates
  • Internet performance and suitability
  • Staff permissions and access.
An IT technician repairs computer server equipment

Upon completion of the audit and health check we will provide you with:

  • Network diagram and office layout
  • Hardware configuration summaries
  • Detailed report on all PCs and servers
  • Hardware and software assets list
  • Access control lists and security permissions.

At the completion of the audit and health check we will arrange a meeting to review the information to discuss any recommendations and answers
any questions that you may have.