Managed IT Services

If you want to take your IT support to the next level than Managed Services could be what you are looking for.

comprehensive Managed Services package for business customers

Managed Services provide a proactive approach to IT support rather than the more commonly used adhoc or break fix model. Instead of waiting for something to break, we will monitor and maintain your network for you. This can be especially beneficial to customers with older hardware.

Command I.T. Services offers a comprehensive Managed Services package for business customers. Continuous remote monitoring and proactive maintenance ensures your computer network runs smoothly, reducing costly downtime. Through the use of the latest up to date monitoring and management software systems we can identify issues before they cause downtime or interruption to your business. This proactive approach saves money in the long run and can be beneficial to businesses of any size big or small.
Comprehensive Managed Services Package For Business Customers

What’s Included?

Proactive Monitoring

Monitoring software provides up to the minute information on the status of hardware and software. The system can monitor any network device relaying information on the state of any device. A few examples of the hundreds of metrics that can be monitored include: backup, CPU, disk, memory, windows services, internet and even site to site VPN connectivity to name a few.

Remote Support

Remote support is provided via fast remote connection software with minimal end user input required.

Email Filtering

Central email filtering service that has up to date spam and virus definitions keeping on top of global virus and spam trends as they happen.

Security & Antivirus

Endpoint device antivirus and malware protection.

Asset & Credential Management

All ITC assets are recorded and updated as part the Command I.T. Services Managed IT Services.


All network information is recorded internally in standardised documentation.

Change Control

Any changes to a managed services customer network must go through an approval process to ensure any network changes will not conflict with existing infrastructure and be in the customer’s best interests.

support agreement

Managed IT Services are included as part of a support agreement that can ensure a close relationship between your business and our support department. With a Managed Services Agreement you know that you have the peace of mind and need only call one person for all technical and computing problems.